Sunday, April 24, 2011


From Arthur No. 30's Letters to the Editor, a note from N. Shineywater of Brightblack Morning Light (pictured above in an undoctored photo by Trinie Dalton)...

Dear Summertime Friends,
Go and buy an inexpensive float. It can be for swimming pool use, or something more sturdy for waves. Take it to some water that you feel comfortable with. Not water where something must be proven or overcome, just a simple body of water. Even the LA River. Now climb on and float. Float as safely as possible, allowing your spine to relax into the float. You may want to tie a rope to a nearby pole & hold it while you are in the river. Social or alone, this activity brings about a change. Let the percentage of water within you exchange with water from a plastic float.
Nabob Shineywater

N. Shineywater has posted a remastered, extremely reverbed version of BBML's "Friend of Time on Soundcloud. I tried to embed it here but no dice. So, go here to hear it:

This is what N. Shineywater is up to now, from what I can tell: TENT

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